Halls worse than roads

It has been taken note by me that the halls are worse than the roads outside school. Continue reading

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2015 Video Music Awards

August 30, 2015 marked the Annual MTV Video Music Awards, a night where the worlds most famous and accomplished artist come together to celebrate the years most popular music. The VMA’s are a place where celebrity feuds are squashed- i.e Nicki Manaj and Taylor Swift, celebrity feuds are born- i.e. Nicki Manaj and Miley Cyrus, and where Kanye West announced his run for presidency in 2020. Yes, this year’s VMA was definitely one for the books- despite bringing in the lowest viewer ratings in the award show’s 31 years on air. Continue reading

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Introducing: The Adventures of a Teenage Musician

*taps mic* Hey…um, is this thing on? Oh, it is? Okay, cool. My name is Miranda, and I know more about music than most things. By most, I mean like 98.8% of things. Anyway, I don’t think many people realize the many different kinds of music we have going on locally in this county. Continue reading

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Why do I have to read this?

Sadly, I have heard these words in every English class I have attended.  Unfortunately young people in this day and age discount the importance of reading. I cringe when I hear someone say they hate a novel just because of its status as written words. In our digital, lightning fast world it seems like no one has time (or the motivation) to sit down and read. Continue reading

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From the Desk of a High School Senior

A new school year has started up yet again and with it comes a brand new group of freshmen. After over 12 years of school, I am finally a senior and feel it is my duty to help my fellow Hornets and underclassmen survive another year.  Continue reading

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Whats up with all the no passes lately? It seems that more days then not I walk in to class and “no passes today” is written on the board. There is never a reason, just “no passes”. Wouldn’t it be easier to write “passes allowed today”? It would require less writing on the teachers’ part. I’m sure that the increased pass restriction has nothing to do with recent fights or the slew of people skipping class on a routine basis. Continue reading

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Great Moves from Great Mills

You may have seen or heard of “The Michael Jackson Protestor” dancing in the streets of Baltimore last month while rioters rampaged nearby. Believe it or not, this 22-year old was moonwalking down the halls of our very own Great Mills High school four years ago as Dimitri Reeves. The end of senior year was near, and he had big ideas for what he’d do next.  Continue reading

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Pippin? More like PipWIN

And thus dawns the end of the school year, or at least nearly so. How has it gone for you? Were you able to live up to the expectations you set for yourself? Did you finish all your homework? Did you meet any new friends? That’s all well and great, I’m sure, but what’s really important is what just happened to the world on April 30th and May 1st and 2nd—Great Mills High School’s Lighthouse Productions’ Pippin.

For those of you who didn’t see it, sorry your life sucks. But here’s a synopsis anyway: our hero Pippin is in a play. I mean, like, a play inside a play. It’s kind of meta. So there’s a director who guides Pippin through life in the play, but she’s evil in a way, and there were a bunch of dancers, and he’s trying to find meaning to his life, but the director or whatever is kinda leading him to do what she plans for him, and—oh, whatever. It’s impossible to describe. You should’ve been there.

But the amount of professionalism in this play was simply spectacular. And I don’t mean ‘professional’ as to belittle high school and say it’s not professional; I mean as in it’s considerably professional by professional standards. I’ve seen plays at the Kennedy Center that I’ve enjoyed less than Pippin.

The choreography was so organized and endeavored that it made me feel guilty that I can’t even remember to take the chicken out of the freezer. I’ve never seen a play that so effectively incorporated dancers as main characters. Because of them, I experienced emotions I never even knew existed. I’m pretty sure Rizzardi and all the people involved in the play have made a scientific breakthrough upon discovery of a new emotion called Glory. And I don’t mean glory, I mean Glory, with a capital G. People who saw it? You know what I’m talking about. Yeah, that’s right. You’re going to have to face it again sooner or later.

To people who didn’t see it: there was a part of the play in which Pippin was excited to go to war and everyone was cheering about the glory of it all, and almost immediately following was a scene of jarring cognitive dissonance in which three people were happily dancing on stage to smooth music while in the audience, with the red spotlight flowing back and forth through the seats, there were actors screaming in horror and panic with the periodic pound of gunshots. It was all in the dark, so the audience could see nothing except for maybe a silhouette of an actor falling to the ground next to their seat. I saw the play twice, and let me tell you, it didn’t get any less collar-pulling, heart-clutching, and forehead-wiping the second time.

The rest of the play was just as emotional across the whole spectrum. The audience laughed just as often as it cringed. The signature quirkiness and energy found in all of Rizzardi’s plays were as prominent as ever. There was never a point throughout the almost two and a half hours watching it that I was remotely distracted or thrown out of the content in any way. Truly, in this ever-apathetic world in which we struggle to feel emotions, Pippin has wracked us with every emotion imaginable.
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College Tips

For us seniors, the end is drawing very near and a new chapter will be starting. College. For some it is a scary or exciting experience, but it is an unforgettable experience for everyone. But whether you are nervous or bouncing off the walls with excitement, some things may slip your mind before you head to college. Here are some tips to give you smooth sailing.

  • Make sure you are able to text/email/video chat your soon to be roommate(s). Nothing starts you off on the wrong foot if your roommate is going to drive you up the wall or…well most of have seen the movie Roommate.
  • Double check that you have everything that you need for move–in day before you leave your house.
  • Closet space too small? Take the tabs off of aluminum cans. One tab will hold two hangers creating more space.
  • Have a daily organizer. College life happens in a blink of an eye. Make sure you write important dates down so you won’t forget. Or if paper isn’t your best friend, make your organizer on your phone your best friend.
  • Bring things with you to decorate your room. Nothing will make you feel more at home than having some familiar objects around your room.

Now these are just a few of the hundreds upon hundreds of tips that I could give to us seniors. But the biggest tip I want to give you all is:

Enjoy your college life. You have so many opportunities to find out who you are and what you love to do. It is also a new start for you. You have the chance to become the person that you have always wanted to be and to make yourself happy. Don’t throw away the next four years on things that don’t make you happy.

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Presenting: WE ARE SENIORS- a Very Kazoo Farewell

weareseniors*Click image for enlarged view*

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